Kaer Maga


Kaer Maga

CN Small city
Corruption +5; Crime +7; Economy –1; Law –6; Lore +2;
Society –3
Qualities: magically attuned, notorious, prosperous, strategic location
Danger: +35

Government: Anarchy
Population: 8,000 (5,500 humans, 500 halflings, 400 dwarves, 400 halfelves, 400 half-orcs, 200 gnomes, 100 elves, 100 orcs, 75 trolls, 50 centaurs, 50 goblins, 50 nagas, 175 others)

Notable NPCs: Unknown

Base Value 7,600 gp; Purchase Limit 55,000 gp;
Spellcasting 9th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 1d6

Famous as a city of outcasts, Kaer Maga welcomes all those who don’t fit into the nations of their birth. Necromancers, escaped slaves, exiled nobles, mysterious cultists, and others all rub shoulders openly in the city, free of censure by any overarching authority. Some of these are so unusual they’ve become local legends, such as troll Augurs who read the future in their own entrails, obese bloatmages who fill themselves with magical blood, or Sweettalkers who prevent blasphemy by sewing their own lips shut.

Physically, Kaer Maga is also an oddity: a huge stone hexagon with an origin lost to the ages. For untold generations, Kaer Magans have lived inside the monument’s stone ring, building a bewildering warren of corridors and artificial caverns that honeycomb the structure. Rather than having any formal government, the city is ruled by a constantly changing collection of gangs, guilds, families, and factions, all of whom control their own turfs and maintain the balance of power through the application of both treaties and back-alley knifework.

In addition to the city proper, Kaer Maga also boasts an extensive network of subterranean passages called the Undercity, which is known to be infested by all manner of terrible creatures, yet also boast relics and magical discoveries long lost to the surface world.

Kaer Maga

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