LG Large city
Corruption +0; Crime +1; Economy +4; Law +2; Lore +0; Society +7
Qualities: holy site, insular, prosperous, racially intolerant (halforcs, orcs), strategic location
Danger +10

Government: Council
Population: 10,230 (8,223 dwarves, 1,354 humans, 402 halflings, 141 gnomes, 110 other)
Notable NPCs:
High Councilor Nils Igmargun (male dwarf aristocrat)

Base Value 11,200 gp; Purchase Limit 75,000 gp;
Spellcasting 7th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 2d4

One of the few Sky Citadels still populated by dwarves, Janderhoff sits at the base of the forbidding Mindspin Mountains. Predominantly subterranean, Janderhoff has earned a reputation for fine metalwork, transnational trade, and dwarven culture.

Mining is the predominant industry in this hulking city, and thick veins of copper, iron, silver, and black marble fuel its robust economy. Every year the dwarven miners also produce a small amount of mithral—a rarity they keep to themselves. Centuries of experience have honed the city’s metalworking industry, and smiths from Janderhoff are renowned for their skill.

Janderhoff trades heavily with Korvosa, which provides the tunnel-dwellers with their only shipping outlet. The dwarves also act as an intermediary between the Korvosans and their bitter rivals, the Shoanti. This frequently forces the dwarves to serve as diplomatic gobetweens— dwarven envoys must often defuse tense situations in order to maintain the peace between these valuable trading partners.

As a Sky Citadel, the city of Janderhoff is a hotspot for dwarven culture and religion. Worship of Torag, god of the forge, is especially prevalent, and Janderhoff boasts one of the largest holy forges in Varisia. The temple’s forge is said to produce some of the finest weaponry on Golarion, and only master smiths are allowed the honor of working its bellows.


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